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My Wishes - Make your wishes for funeral arrangements known.

This service is completely private and confidential.

My Wishes offers a service whereby you can make funeral arrangement decisions in advance of the time when they are needed by your loved ones. This means that your family and friends will be spared the stress of making hurried decisions when the time finally comes to arrange your funeral.

We provide a scroll containing the details of your wishes for your funeral arrangements.  The scroll comes with a ribbon and in a presentation box.  This will be sent to you.  You can sign the scroll give it to a loved one or to leave with your solicitor or another trusted individual for opening at the time of your death.

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What are the benefits of My Wishes?

You can plan the burial and the ceremony in advance or just give a few key pointers as to your final wishes.  Some of the following questions will help:

  • Would you prefer a burial or cremation?
  • Which funeral home or undertakers would you prefer to be used?
  • In which cemetery would you like to be buried?
  • Would you prefer to be waked in the traditional manner or not?
  • Would you prefer the event to be a celebration of your life or be more reflective of your passing?
  • What music or songs would you like to be played at your funeral?
  • Would you prefer flowers or donations?

Your surviving loved ones will be very emotionally vulnerable at the time of your passing. The knowledge that they are adhering to your final wishes will be of great comfort to your family and friends at this difficult time.  Conflict can often arise after a person’s death about “what you would have wanted”   with regard to funeral burial and related issues.  These matters are very important to people and they will of course be very emotionally charged at this time.  Opting for My Wishes  will help your friends and family to avoid any differences of opinion at a very stressful time.  Making your final wishes clear is great act of kindness to your family and friends.

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