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Does My Wishes replace a will or testament?

No. A will or testament is a legal document in which you name one or more people to manage your estate and provides for the transfer of your property at death. My Wishes is not a will or legal document. My Wishes cannot be used to act as a will. We recommend that all adults make a will. For more information about making a will please see  the  citizens information board website.

Does My wishes replace a power of attorney?

No. A power of attorney is a written authority for someone to act on another person’s behalf in private matters, business, or legal matters. My Wishes cannot be used to act as a power of attorney.

What exactly is My Wishes?

We provide a scroll containing the details of your wishes for your funeral arrangements.  The scroll comes tied with a ribbon and in a solid wood presentation box. This will be sent to you and you can choose to give to a loved one or to leave with your solicitor or another trusted individual for opening at the time of your death.

What is the cost of My Wishes?

The cost is €249 not including postage and packing.   We charge as little as possible for postage and packing, merely covering our costs. 

How do I order?

Choose "Order" from the main menu and then proceed with the order as detailed on that page.  

When should I record My Wishes - should I wait until I am older?

We advise that you perform this act of generosity and love for your loved ones as soon as possible.  In the same way as writing a will, it is never too early to make your wishes for funeral arrangements known.  You will have the peace of mind that your loved ones will know your wishes when the time comes.  

I don’t want to think about death?

Try to think about this the same way you would think about making a will.  There is no good time to face your mortality but most responsible adults have made a will in order to make things easier for their loved ones at the time of their death.  Perhaps recording your wishes for funeral arrangements can be in the same light.  Your surviving loved ones will be very emotionally vulnerable at the time of your passing. The knowledge that they are adhering to your final wishes will be of great comfort to your family and friends at this difficult time.

Do I have to answer all of the questions?

No, just answer the ones that you want to or that are important to you.

Can I add extra information to My Wishes?

Yes there are 3 extra information boxes on the My Wishes form. Please add any wishes, information or requests that you would like into these boxes.  Please do not use these boxes to record matters that belong in a will or power of attorney document.

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